Creme de la Coulee : Monk’s Delight


A far site from the orange and white slices in the dairy aisle, Monk's Delight, Crème de la Coulée’s signature Munster-style cheese is inspired by the Munster traditionally made in the monasteries of Alsace-Lorraine, a region in France known for its rich cheeses and crisp white wines. Slightly milder and firmer than its Alsatian cousins, Monk's Delight pairs well with crackers, bread, or apple slices. When choosing beer, a yeasty effervescent Belgian pairs well. For wine, the traditional pairing is a dry and aromatic Alsatian Gewurztraminer.

Cheese comes in 1/2 pound wedges at $10 each + shipping

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Meet a wedge of Monk’s Delight, and the first thing you’ll notice is the orange rind. Termed a washed rind, and the distinctive feature of all monastery & abbey-styles of cheese, the beautiful red-orange rind is created during the aging process (affinage). Each wheel of Monk’s Delight is repeatedly washed in a complex probiotic salt brine, carefully developed to impart a pungent mushroom and yeasty aroma, and a meaty umami flavor as the cheese matures. This delicious magic takes place in the caves of Bleu Mont Dairy (near Blue Mounds, WI), where the cave rooms have varying humidity levels, temperatures, and native microbial flora, lending each batch its own distinctive set of flavors and aromas.

As with any well-crafted artisan cheese, Monk’s Delight owes much of its complex flavor to the milk from which it is made. Crème de la Coulée sources milk from the grass-fed cows grazing in the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, and cared for by the dairy farmers of Organic Valley. During the grazing season, the farms that make up the Pastureland Co-op move the herds to fresh pasture twice daily. This constant access to fresh pasture imparts an extraordinary richness and flavor to the milk, which you can experience in the flavor and texture of all of the Crème de la Coulée cheeses.


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