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Creme de la Coulee Leopold is based on Chaource, a cow milk cheese from the Champagne region of France, which is a relative of Brie and Camembert. Despite the use of cow milk, the coagulation method used to make the cheese is similar to goat milk Chevre, which results in a more tangy, robust flavor.

Leopold is sold in individual wheels that weigh approximately 8 ounces.

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Named after the famous Wisconsin Environmentalist Aldo Leopold, this cow’s milk cheese is based on French Chaource (pronounced shah – ors), a bloomy-rinded cheese made in the Champagne region of France. Most Americans are unfamiliar with Chaource, so think of this as being like miniature brie. The Leopold was made using certified organic milk from Organic Valley. Like all traditional French lactic cheeses, it ripens from the outside towards the inside. It is best served at room temperature after being unwrapped and allowed to breath for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

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